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    Ooohh...I like Ghost-types. XD

    Name: Wandering~Leaf

    Partners: and

    Ghost. Why?: Ghost-types, no matter what region, have always retained that mysterious atmosphere, never failing to be interesting. Almost ever single episode (well, atleast up to Generation IV) that a Ghost-type Pokemon has starred in, it's always thrilling and exciting. To me, ghost-type Pokemon are a mystery that are virtually unsolveable. Do they serve a higher force? Are they created by evil people, that have died? There are many theories on how they exist, it's very fun to think about.

    What do you like about your partner Pokemon?:
    Duskull is mysterious, horrifying, and awesome at the same time! A Pokemon that captures kids who are mischevious or are disobedient? I've always found that entry to be rather disturbing, adding even more mystery to Duskull and it's line of Pokemon in general. Not only that, but Duskull's shiny...AWESOMENESS!! Ack, sorry 'bout that. :P

    Shuppet isn't exactly disturbing in my opinion, but it's interesting. Unlike it's evolution, Banette, it's existence isn't explained. How did it come to be? Why does it devour emotions, instead of actual food, or prey? I've kind of wondered about this, especially since it's said that it becomes stronger when it absorbs emotions. Not only that, but in the anime, when it does absorb emotions, it's target loses it's current emotions, reverting to neutrality. How could most humans not notice this? There are many questions about Shuppet that have no answer, making it a very intriguing pokemon.

    If we can level-up our pokemon on the first post, then I choose Duskull.
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