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Added the both of you. Also, just to make it clearer I added that you can only level up a Pokemon in the first post if you answer the topic, which you both did. Both very nice first posts, carry on and you could get promoted! :3

Okay, my go to answer the topic.
What do you like about your partner Pokemon?
Gastly is the pre-evolution of my all-time favorite Pokemon; Gengar. However that is not the only reason I adore the little ghost, it brings about a sinister atmosphere, I don't think there is not one time it doesn't do that unless you befriend it. If you watched the anime, you could see how much Ash, Brock and Misty were always creeped out by it being around. Another thing about Gastly, I think it looks somewhat cute when it manages to pull off a smile, well, I like Gastly so it would do it to me but not you guys :3. Gastly may be a small blob of ghost, but really, seeing and knowing him will make you thing otherwise. Ghastly <3.

Sableye. Not a favorite to many, but a favorite to me. I think it is so unique, gem eyes and all. I don't think there is another Pokemon that could match the curiosity and sneakiness of this little ghost. Sableye is a little troublemaker in all his own ways, since he has the accolades of being one. It's stance, it's presence, you always expect something to happen when a Sableye is near you. Heck, there is probably more of a chance that you win the lottery rather than something not happening when a Sableye is near you. There are 2 sides to it, in my opinion; the cute, happy troublemaker, or the rather annoying little pest it can be. But come on, everyone is a little annoying, right?

I'm leveling up Gastly.