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    Name: Mewtwomew Partners: Duskull and Spiritomb Ghosts. Why: Well, for starters, Spiritomb is an amalgam of 83 (or is it some other number?) Different spirits. What could be cooler? And Duskull is mysterious because of how he is said to take children that misbehave or act rudely towards others. Well, that was my form, Mr. Pave :p I'd like to level up Duskull please.

    I see I've been added to the group, I'll begin speaking of the topic... NOW. Duskull is timid, and enjoys pranks on other trainers and their pokemon. He is usually very gentle and takes great precaution so as not to harm the victims of his practical jokes, but is completely changed during the course of battle. He is ruthless, to point of savagery on the opponent. As for Spiritomb, He is sort of a loner, not daring to communicate with other pokemon or their trainers. He (symbollically :p) leves of trail of sadness wherever he goes. He is very protective of Duskull. (I'd like to lvl. Up Duskull preesh!).

    I feel I haven't gone into enough detail with Spiritomb. He is very serious, a stark contrast from Duskull. He is also very reclusive, only communicating with Duskull and I (and that is a rarity in itself). He is also easily enraged. (I lvl. Up Duskull) posts of increasing quality will be present, Mr. Pave.
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