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    A multi regional or "ultimate" pokemon game would be possible, it would simply require Nintendo and gamefreak to do what EA and many other companies do, build a browser MMORPG. I'm not sure what the requirements or legalities would be to do this, but that is how it would work.

    How I see this design fitting into fans dreams

    1. Pick your name
    2. Pick your gender
    3. Pick your starting region (all region created available)
    4. Pick your starting city (all known cities in that region available)
    5. Pick your starting pokemon (Obtained from professor for that region if in that city or as a birthday present if in any other city)

    This would give everyone a clear start, even grounds and give you freedom to decide 100% how you start and play. The pokemon you can choose from would be determined by filtering through the pokemon only in that region, so first 150 would be kanto, 151-250 would be johto, etc. To truly make the game fair, even and variable, the pokemon that are Legendary or Pseudo Legendary would not make the list, that way no trainer starts off with a super pokemon. You must complete the gyms and league in your home region before ever advancing to another. Pseudo and legedaries are not obtainable by normal or easy means, so your whole team will consist of average pokemon. Your pokemon can learn up to 10 attacks (numbers 1-0 with "-" being potion and with "=" being reserved for pokeball). Pokemon levels do not exist, this will leave it so new players are on even ground with exerienced. Instead pokemon evolve by participation in battles (Charmander participates in 160 battles to evolve, then an extra 320 for charizard). This way all charmanders are evenly matched, and the only difference will be the trainers abilities to select moves. 160 sounds like a lot, but wild pokemon and 6v6 battles it would not be much, and winning and losing doesnt effect numbers of battles the participated in, as long as it was seen through completion. Pokemon captured in each region restricted to the regions pokedex, but all pokedexes for all players updated with pokemon from each region. Teaming up with other trainers is a possibility via party system. By this system as well, To make gym leaders more of a challenge, it should be designed so they have the maximum stats for their tier of evolution. The battles would play out by skill and ability to select moves TM's are not purchased, but by defeating a gym leader, they authorize the teaching of one move of their gym type to one of your pokemon, you choose the pokemon and the move to teach. By defeating gyms, your pokemon can learn stronger moves. Legendary pokemon and pseudo legendary can be encountered, but the game should be designed so a pokeball will not be able to catch them, only a master ball.

    Problem 1 :
    People say that if they did it this way, they would no longer make money off the other games. Everyone wants the pokemon league, so charge an entry fee to participate in the tournament. $5 per tournament to enter there are a lot of gamers that would do this. The tournament consists of PVP battles, and the top 4 of the tournament moves on to face the battle frontier of the region (if one exists) and only the champion is authorized to challenge the elite 4 and only after the battle frontier. It would be a special privilege to those who paid to enter the tournament. By eliminating Elite 4, they grant you 1 masterball. All trainers (pay for tournament or not) will be able to choose to go to a different region after the tournament. 1 tournament every 6 months per region (ex. January - Kanto, February - Johto, March - Hoenn, April - Sinnoh, May - Unova, June - Kalos July and August no tournament, resume order september). Legendaries obtained not authorized in League tournament, Pseudo Legendaries are authorized.

    Problem 2 :
    Creation of new regions are another thing people say are a challenge, but on the computer they can update it at will, so if/when a new region and new pokemon appear, it will be updated to include these.

    Problem 3 :
    Data size
    Again, by making this a computerized game, the amount of memory and data is much greater than a cartridge. It would be possible.

    So by doing a game like this, people would pay for the game if it is by disc, or free download if available by download from a website, but either way they would still make money, especially off of the tournaments. Also as an added incentive to join tournament, put in a trainer point system. Each time you win a battle you get one point, by winning a tournament battle you get 2 points, by winning a tournament, you get 5 points extra. These trainer points are where rankings are determined, as well as Pokemon tier that will obey you, 100 trainer points for tier 2, 350 for tier 3, 200 for tier 1 Pseudo, 350 for tier 2 Pseudo, 500 for tier 3 Pseudo, and 1000 for any legendary pokemon. This method would encourage players to continue playing, battling, training and capturing new pokemon. the free roam to a new region after completion of yours will encourage most if not all players to at least participate in 1 tournament, for after you beat your home tournament, all regions are able to be traveled to at will.

    Yes I have put thought into this, I enjoy creating games, I have many created, story, design, artwork, play style, etc., and I just wish so much I had the knowledge and ability to bring these ideas to life. I disagree with everyone who says it isn't possible, I believe it is and I believe if done right it would be so full fans and gamers (even non fans) would eat this game up and flock to it. If you have read this much, feel free to leave feedback.