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    Bumpity! New update, see first post for new sprites and two 'progress' gifs ^_^.



    @Bugsy: Thanks, I studied alot of shading styles from other games and many other artists, it helped improve my spriting ability greatly.

    @Maneachicken: I will be making many many critters, but I won't be replacing all of the known pokemon. There are alot of pokemon I personally hate and probably won't touch ^_^;;;

    @BestDutchGuy: Glad you liked them =). I understand you prefectly so no worries.

    @all future posters: My snakey needs more contrast, I just noticed it after viewing him on this forum's bg sorry >_<. The outline needs to be thicker to show his tale is 'behind' him. I might also dark some of the tail that goes further out, to give more depth.

    Also does everybody think the new birdy is better or worse than the old version? I still need to alter some of the feather color, but I just want to let it rest for a bit.

    Enjoy the new pics.

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