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Game Development Help and Requests

With the launch of the new rules thread, a new Help and Request thread was required.

So without further ado, here it is.

Thread guidelines

What is allowed:

  • Requesting resources than can be ripped straight from a game.
  • Requesting a tutorial to be written for you.
  • Asking for help on how to do a simple action.
  • Asking for certain programs to help you with your game development.
    For example, a sprite conversion program.
  • Requesting assistance when your code isn't working like intended.

What isn't allowed:

  • Requesting a member to make custom graphics for you.
  • Asking how to do a completely custom system like a CBS.
  • Requesting a member to create a script exclusively for your use.
  • Requesting warez.

When asking for help:

  • Provide a demonstration screenshot.
  • Provide a description of the steps taken prior to the problem.
  • Provide a thorough, comprehensive and easy to understand description.
  • Provide the exact information on the error that occured.

Do not ask for members to do custom stuff.
These types of requests never get replied to and they end up littering the thread.

TopRevised thread written by Avatar.
Some parts rewritten from older threads, by Berserk and Dawson.