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    Originally Posted by Skullking17 View Post
    when I open my soul silver rom in no$gba all that happens is their is a a blue screen with a bunch of Japanse words can someone help.
    Do you mean after the title screen? If so, that's normal, just choose the bottom bubble. If not, then I can't help you.

    OKay, it worked fine for me and I played kinda cautiously and saved alot but then I turned it off and back on and I started and the same place that I started the first time, as if I had never saved =/.

    ( I started and played 20 min saved and turned it off -> loaded the game and played saving alot in between and turned it off at 1:15 -> when I tried to load it, it was back at 20 min)

    Any ideas what I did wrong?

    And btw, the battles work for me.

    EDIT: Actually I think I found a solution, I guess I'll post it just in case anyone else needs it. You have to make the NDS Rom Backup media Flash 512kBytes.

    EDIT2: Okay now I'm having problems with this again and I lost 30 more min of game...
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