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    Originally Posted by Wind~ View Post
    Well, there are a few things wrong the ROM I was playing...

    Well, for one, there is a problem in Sprout Tower: Don't get that first PokéBall on the top floor, or your game will freeze in battle with that first monk.

    Second, the save isn't working properly. Apparently, I'm saving my game after everything I've done now, and I even set it to Flash 512K, and it still brings me back to nearly the beginning.

    Thirdly, occasionally, my game will freeze at a certain point, and say "The ROM image has crashed."

    So here's my question:
    Should I just make save states if I want to progress further in the game?
    I solved my saving problem by opening same rom again after saving, I always do that and it always saves that. As I start my game I'm in DS menu and I think game wants to quit there too, so that's why I always do that. It works with me. I didn't have any problems with Sprout Tower. I'm using NO$Gba.

    My game just crashes randomly as I said up there.

    Please feed my Pokémon and warm my eggs.
    Thanks for everyone who have clicked these, you've helped me a lot :)

    Anyone has Club Nintendo codes that you don't need? I want those.
    If you have one code for me I can trade you my Explorers of Sky code as I can't put it because I have registered already one. (Registered my brother's game and now I can't register mine...) Someone have same thing? PM me.
    I know there's nobody who wishes to do this xD
    I'm talking about Club Nintendo of Europe.