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    Originally Posted by godlesplay View Post
    I can see only white arrow and I mean room the nearest stairs
    Can you describe where you are? The SS Anne is full of stairs. If you can, can you post a screenshot.

    Originally Posted by Reginald McEagleston View Post
    So, I have a stupid question... Are you supposed to catch Gyarados the first time you fight it for Misty in front of Mt. Moon?
    I started reading the Manga and realized how badly I must have messed up by simply making it faint. But, I tried my hardest to catch the bloody thing - I got it's HP as low as I could without making it faint, and put it to sleep, and still couldn't catch it no matter how many pokeballs I threw. Eventually, I just figured you aren't supposed to catch it and gave up.
    Guessing you're supposed to catch it?
    You can catch it, but it really doesn't matter, because the moment you catch it, you are forced to trade it with MISTY for a LUVDISC.
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