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    Originally Posted by Havikinazuma View Post
    Hey Miksy! I got Tamago the Togepi to hatch! As soon as I got the Egg, I just had to walk around in the pokemon center until the egg hatched. It was an experiment but it worked! You just had to stay in the same room. Thanks for this hack, and the Active Battle System! I'm having a lot of fun!!!
    I was actually aware of that, you can also hatch the day care pokemon in the exact same way. I just didn't think anyone would have patience to do that (and it would have sounded stupid if you were explained eggs can't be hatched unless you walk around for an "eternity").

    I could have also dropped down the egg hatching counters close to 0 so that you wouldn't have to take more than a few steps before eggs hatch but I wanted to keep the patch as compatible with other hacks as possible so there aren't many add-ons out there.

    It was actually someone from vizzed who discovered that I had put up that Active Battle System patch too. In case someone else is wondering, you can find this "Nuzlocke Silver Active Battle System" hack in Vizzed Proboards. It makes it impossible to switch pokemon when your opponent is switching to using another one during a fight making it a little more likely you'll mess up when playing this one.

    But nice to hear you've liked it. Simple ideas and their implementation didn't go to waste then :)
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