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    I going to re-sign up, since my old account is bctincher15, all I need is the username in the main post changed, I'll still be doing the same game, White 2.

    No optional rules, going completely original nuzlocke here. I've gotten 3 badges, in Nimbasa, training for Elesa on the surrounding Routes. I spent a LOOOONG time in the Battle Subway, and bought every TM there.

    Since I don't have 15 posts yet, pics will be in the attachments. I am very happy with my first encounter at Lostlorn Forest. :)

    Team at this point:
    Roserade Lv. 24
    Natural Cure
    Venoshock, Magical Leaf, Mega Drain, Sweet Scent

    Golbat Lv. 26
    Inner Focus
    Venoshock, U-Turn, Return, Pluck

    Trapinch Lv. 25
    Hyper Cutter
    Dig, Rock Slide, Bide, Bulldoze

    Dewott Lv. 26
    Fury Cutter, Razor Shell, Water Pulse, Swords Dance

    Solosis Lv. 22
    Magic Guard
    Snatch, Hidden Power, Light Screen, Charm

    Minccino Lv.22
    Skill Link(I got the one from Route 5 Hidden Grotto)
    Doubleslap, Round, Swift, U-Turn

    Sandile Lv. 14
    Petilil Lv. 25
    Drilbur Lv. 25

    Deceased(too many at this point of the game):
    Mareep Lv. 5 - 6 (killed by Trainer's Patrat)
    Patrat Lv. 2 - 10 (killed by Trainer's Lillipup)
    Koffing Lv. 10 - 15 (killed by Wild Magby)
    Swadloon Lv. 2 - 20 (Killed by Roxie's Koffing)
    Yamask Lv. 18 - 24) (killed by Wild Roserade, which I caught)
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    Gym Leader Challenge
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