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    Update #1:
    After arriving once more in Viridian City, Remus takes a short break at the Pokemon Center before visiting the old man to the North. After a brief teaching session, he's handed his own Teachy TV. With his new item in hand, Remus ventured off to the West and onto Route 22. After vanquishing a Rattata (No dupe rule), Remus encountered a Spearow! Weakening him with Splinter, he managed to catch him. Our newest addition to the PokeParty: Hawkman, the Spearow (And yes, Hawkman is female. I don't judge.)

    Remus spent some time in this particular patch of grass, feeling some manner of important battle on the horizon. When his team was finally all above level 10, he visited the northern path of Route 22, only to find Kene, his Rival. This battle was quick and painless, with Hawkman easily soloing both Rattata and Bulbasaur.

    Afterwards, a quick visit to the Pokemon Center for a top-up and then the PokeMart to purchase potions and a few Pokeballs and Remus continued onwards, north to Route 2.

    Again, the first encounter on Route 2... a Rattata. With a sigh, Splinter made short work of her only to encounter the newest member of the Superhero Squad... Wasp, the Weedle.

    Current Team

    Leonardo, the Squirtle - Mild
    Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Withdraw

    Splinter, the Rattata - Sassy
    Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack

    Hawkman, the Spearow - Docile
    Peck, Growl, Leer

    Wasp, the Weedle - Jolly
    Poison Sting, String Shot