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    Got an idea for a game, but you don't want to keep it all to yourself? Want to throw it out there in case someone else might want to use it? Post it in here! Also, you can comment on and critique other ideas in here.

    You can of course use your own ideas. Post an idea in this thread only if you don't mind whether other people also take that idea and do something with it. Think of this thread as a place to find and provide inspiration.

    This thread isn't just for whole game ideas. It can also be for partial ideas, possible new/different mechanics, and so forth.

    Be as descriptive as you can be. Just saying "what if there was a game that followed the manga?" or "what if the battle system was an ABS?" isn't good enough. Explain yourself, point out obstacles and solutions and approaches, and say why you think it's worth doing.
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