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    Originally Posted by shinyabsol1 View Post
    I still haven't been able to get this tut to work. I'm starting to think that I did something wrong on the indexing step. Can someone clarify for me exactly what I am supposed to do in the "decrease color depth box"? Also, does it matter what bright color I edit the first color in the palette to? And what if that first color is NOT black like in the tut?

    Thanks in advance.
    Keep to the tutorial mate ;)
    Ok on Ifranview goto image - decrease color depth- choose custom and put 239 in it and ok.
    Goto image and palette(i think) then edit palette change the first color to a bright color, (he didn't say the first color was black! He said change the first color) like he said in the tutorial.
    Then save under different name.
    Copy and paste your UN INDEXED title screen and paste it on your indexed image and save it. (by the way Windows 7 paint doesn't support indexed files)
    There you go, you have indexed your title screen :D
    Hope it works :D

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