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Team Rocket Fan Club
~Prepare for trouble~
~Make it double~

The Rocket trio says hi! ^_^


Welcome to the Team Rocket Fan Club, twerp! This group is dedicated to the awesome Team Rocket organization! Though most of the discussions here are related to the Rocket Trio, feel free to discuss anything about Team Rocket! If you're going to join, please make sure to have a look at the rules and use the sign-up form.

This is the new Team Rocket fan club thread. I will do my best here as the newly elected boss.

The Rocket Code of Conduct:

1. Follow all of PC's rules.
2. No character bashing.
3. Spamming is frowned upon.
4. Make sure your replies are on-topic; you may change the topic once in a while, but do not abruptly do so.
5. Love Team Rocket of course!

Sign-up Form:

Partner(s): You may choose two Pokémon in the list (see below).
Also provide an answer to the current topic! That or include a TR-related comment!

The Rocket Staff:


Team Rocket Boss:

Rocket Executives:

The Boss' Secret Agents:

Rocket Grunts:
Eeveelution Co-ordinator

Don't worry, we are a very democratic organization; promotion will we awarded on the basis of quality of posts. ^_^

Benefits offered:

The Team Rocket organization is offering two Pokemon each to the grunts who join us. Other benefits include a holiday package to Unova after two months of service, medical allowances, maternity leaves and a coffee break every 2 hours. Pretty tempting, eh?

Pokemon offered (Choose any two):

Hey! Don't make that face!! These are the best Pokemon any organization can offer! >O

What are you looking at now? Go get me that Pikachu! >_>


1. Boss Fantasies!

Recall Meowth's Boss fantasies where he daydreams about getting a promotion and stuff? Think you can make a Boss Fantasy amusing enough? >Check this post<


-Event over.


1st Position: Regeneration

2nd Position: Hoppip

Complete details: >This Post<

Current Topics:
What do you think of Team Rocket's role in the N series of the anime?

Old Topics:


1. Who is your favourite member of the Rocket trio?
2. Are there any Pokemon you want Jessie or James to catch in the future? (Can be from any region)
3. Which Team Rocket Forever Version Do you think is better?
4. Does anyone think whether James will catch a Marakacchi , Tesshido or Nattorei to follow his dangerous grass type theme and hug him like Cacnea did?
5. Do you think it was a good idea to change Team Rocket's antics to a more serious job in Isshu/ Unova?
6. Do you like the new Team Rocket logo?
7. Do you think Team Rocket will ever be replaced in Anime?
8. Team Rocket's role over the years.
9. Do you think Jessie and James should have got rid of Arbok and Weezing or should they have kept them?
10. Do you like Team Rocket as good guys or bad guys?
11. Which is your favourite Pokemon caught by Jessie or James?
12. Do you think Jessie (or James) will enter Pokemon Musicals in Unova like Jessie did in Hoenn, Kanto and Sinnoh?
13. What's your favorite Team Rocket Motto?
14. What's your favorite battle you seen Team Rocket in?
15. Do you think we'll meet Cassidy and Butch again?
16. Do you want Meowth to Evolve?
17. Do you think Giovanni's Persian is shiny?
18. Did you like Jessie taking part in Contests?
19. Do you think Team Rocket will try to capture Pikachu again?
20. Do you think James will make Growlithe a part of his team?
21. What's your favorite Team Rocket Robot that they have made?
22. Episodes centered around Team Rocket.
23. What Pokemon would you like to see Team Rocket base a mecha on?
24. What new move would you like Meowth of Team Rocket to learn?
25. Are you excited about the upcoming Team Rocket vs Team Plasma episode? (the thread)
26. Do you think the Unova saga could be the last of Team Rocket?
27. Which is your favourite Motto, and why?
28. If there was one question you could ask any member of the Rocket Trio, what would it be?
29. Do you think we will ever see Wobbuffet again?
30. Do you think James will have one of his 'summer estates' in Unova?
31. Do you think Jessie's Woobat will evolve?
32. Do you like James's new catch?
33. So Team Rocket went back to their regular clothing in BW, do you think they'll be going back to their old ways or will be staying epic like they did back in the past few episodes while wearing their black outfits?
34. If you were a member of team rocket, what type of missions would you like to do?
35. Do you think James' Yamask and Jessie's Woobat will evolve?
36. Which Team Rocket characters are you a fan of? The trio, the game characters, the relatively unknown ones, ...?
37. Do you think Jessie and James will end up becoming a couple in the anime like they did in the Electric Tales of Pikachu manga?
38. What do you think JJ&M will become at the very end of the anime?
39. Imagine you are Ash's Pikachu. What is your opinion of the Rocket Trio?
40. Who is your favourite Rocket Executive?

Current Topic:
How do you feel about Jessie and James' new Pokémon?

The old topics are not to be discussed as of now. They have been mentioned just for archival purposes. And the archive is no longer being updated. lol
(Feel free to suggest new topics when the current one has been discussed enough.)

Tears in the Rocket Trio's eyes seeing a fan club for themselves... The Rocket Trio need love people! Do not hesitate to join!

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