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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Honestly, I believe that every Pokémon has the ability to be cute, it's just all about highlighting the cute features. I mean, even Pokémon as hideous as the Nosepass and Probopass line can be made cute if they just get modified a bit like Pokémon usually do in fanart, by making the eyes more cut, or whatever else. I can see it happening with Probopass, but as far as Nosepass go, I'd say that there has to be a lot of work put in to make that one cute xD They have big noses though, could that count as cute? :>
To be honest, I think I myself have a hard time trying to imagine them two as something cute.

Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post
In reply to the Nosepass||Probopass Topic: Probopass is so freakin' adorable. Can't you see how his nose hair looks like a cute 'fro?

Welcome to the club! I guess there really are some people that love them to pieces. Nose.. or is it a 'stache? It's fuzzy, I'll give you that, though. Cute, though, uh...