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    Originally Posted by pewbroman View Post
    Game: White 2 (Eng)
    Try Rock, Ghost, Electric, Water, Flying, and Steel. Have fun!

    And Update #3 features three gym battles with three different endings. That gives us eight badges! (I'm updating way too much too quickly...)
    • Let's see, where did I leave off? Ah, the Plasma Frigate. No problem there.
    • At Route 6, Cheren gives us Surf, so I teach that to Dewott and off we go to surf the world! All the way back at Route 19, Surf makes accessible a free Water Stone. So Cloyster time! And the party is officially complete. ^-^
    • Back from our surfing exploration, we traverse the depths of Chargestone Cave, eventually reaching Mistralton City. Here, we finally meet Professor Aurea Juniper, who goes off to do stuff at the Celestial Tower.
    • I also check out the tower and ring the bell. Twice. For no reason.
    • We return to challenge Skyla at the Mistralton Gym. This battle really didn't go as expected! Ariados was able to knock out her Swoobat by himself, thanks to Sucker Punch, I believe. So proud!
      Swanna came out next, and I switched to Lucario to take the hit. Unfortunately, arguably my strongest pokémon didn't last too long in this fight. At least that allowed Murkrow to switch in unharmed. To my surprise, Murkrow outsped Swanna; I deduced that Swanna's Speed is 89 (Murkrow's was 90 and Lucario's was 88 at the time; heheh, useless information). Anyways, Murkrow eventually lowered its Special Attack to the minimum using multiple Snarl attacks (and using up Skyla's Hyper Potions). But... just as that happened, Swanna got a critical with Air Slash, knocking out Murkrow. I decide to bring in Treecko here, and learn that Murkrow's effort wasn't in vain, as Air Slash did about 20 damage. Rock Tomb made sure I was able to outspeed it, but FeatherDance and Roost were really annoying. I think we eventually defeated Swanna with Energy Balls (even lowering its Special Defense once).
      Skarmory was her last; I always see these as one of a treecko's worst enemies. Still, we got in a Rock Tomb to lower its speed in preparation. I switched out to Dewott, and a single Surf gave us the win and the Jet Badge. ^-^

    • We fly off to Lentimas Town in Skyla's plane. Before going into Reversal Mountain, I explore the Strange House first.
    • With Bianca's help, we make it through Reversal Mountain and reach Undella Town. I learned my lesson from times past and finish exploring Undella Bay and Route 14 before heading north to the gate.
    • As we exit the town, Hugh ambushes us! Yeah, I'm prepared this time! We battle, starting off with Treecko vs. Unfezant. We're able to hit it with a Rock Tomb, but a critical Air Slash knocks out Treecko in one strike. I bring out Murkrow, who brings it down with Snarl and Aerial Ace. His serperior replaces it and immediately Coils, weakening my Aerial Ace. Or, it would've if it wasn't a critical hit! Another OHKO! Simisear is his last, and Snarl works as both a nice attack and flame retardant as it also falls to Murkrow's wrath.
    • We pass through Route 13 and reach Lacunosa Town. Also, Ariados pretty much single-handedly took down Cobalion.
    • Double battle against Zinzolin and a Plasma Grunt! Let's see... it was Treecko and Serperior vs. Cryogonal and Golbat. Not good! Surprisingly, Golbat was the slowest here, haha! Anyways, Coil + Leaf Blade felled Cryogonal and its replacement, Sneasel. We ganged up on Golbat, and they're left with just a garbodor left. A critical Slam from Serpy almost defeats it, but I was stupid and chose Screech instead of an attack. >_< So because of that, Treecko fainted from Sludge Bomb or something, and Cloyster takes all my share of the experience as Serpy finishes it next turn.
    • We pass through Route 12, Village Bridge, and Route 11 to reach Opelucid. Before taking on the gym, we clear out Route 9 and its mall.
    • The gym battle with Drayden went well enough, with a very satisfying ending. Treecko started off the battle with a Screech against Druddigon. Dragon Claw put us in the yellow, so I switched off to Lucario to take the next hit. Force Palm took advantage of Screech and Druddigon fainted with little trouble.
      He brought out Flygon next. Somehow, Lucario was able to paralyze it with Force Palm before Earth Power took him out (he's incredible with that hax at crucial times). I don't remember the details of what happened next, but Flygon also took out Murkrow and Treecko, thanks to Hyper Potion(s). Dewott finished the job with Surf.
      And finally, Haxorus. I smiled when Haxorus started off with a Dragon Dance, as Dewott locked him in with Encore. Immediately, I switched out for Cloyster; a five-hit, single critical Icicle Spear was enough to win the battle and the Legend Badge! ^-^

    • All of a sudden, ice! Team Plasma invades Opelucid, and we do stuff. Zinzolin was easy; OHKOs all around with Lucario's Force Palm. That one Shadow's Absol, though... not relying on Lucario meant a painful Swords Dance!
    • Next, we pass through the newly-opened Marine Tube from Undella to Humilau. I also explore the Seaside Cave and surrounding routes before going into the gym.
    • Inside the gym, we face off against Marlon. Ariados vs. Carracosta didn't look great, so I switched off to Lucario, expecting a rock attack. But nope, Shell Smash... Lucario was still faster though, and two Force Palms were enough.
      Wailord capitalized on the damage Lucario sustained and knocked him out (no paralysis from Force Palm this time D:) with Scald, I think. I brought Dewott out, but Revenge misses because that giant whale bounced up into the air. Dewott hits it with Revenge on its way down, and follows up with Encore, forcing Bounce. I switched out to Cloyster to take the Bounce with its amazing Defense. Then a battle of endurance ensues. Hyper Potion didn't even recover all of Wailord's HP! :O Cloyster eventually prevails, though, leaving him with just Jellicent left.
      Supersonic missed, and Jellicent knocks out Cloyster. I bring Treecko out to replace him. Right off the bat, Giga Drain knocks it down to the low yellow, with a critical hit! I think this activated its Sitrus Berry, though. Ominous Wind did some decent damage against us. Giga Drain replenished some of that lost HP, as he also healed with Recover. Unfortunately, Cursed Body activated, disabling Giga Drain. With this battle looking desparate, we Screeched it, having to rely on Rock Tomb. After a few turns of Recovers, Ominous Winds, and Scalds, Giga Drain was finally enabled again! With Overgrow now in play, Treecko healed enough to take another attack from Jellicent and retaliate with a final Giga Drain. And with that, the eighth badge, the Wave Badge! ^-^

    The team so far (eight badges):

    CharacteristicAlert to soundsHighly curiousLikes to thrash aboutQuick to fleeVery finickyImpetuous and silly
    AbilityTorrentInner FocusOvergrowShell ArmorInsomniaSwarm
    ItemMystic WaterScope LensEvioliteQuick ClawBrightPowderLeftovers
    MovesSurfForce PalmGiga DrainRazor ShellFlyX-Scissor
    Aqua JetShadow ClawRock TombReturnNight ShadeDig
    RevengeRock SlideScreechIcicle SpearFoul PlaySucker Punch
    Swords DanceStrengthReturnSupersonicHazeShadow Sneak

    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)