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    I finished this run a while ago, but I don't know why I waited so long to update. I forget everything that way. >_< Anyways, final update, featuring the Elite Four and Champion Iris here:
    • Grimsley was the first I took on. Let's see... I remember Liepard beating Treecko thanks to a well-timed crit. Murkrow and Lucario performed amazingly in this battle.
    • Next up was Caitlin. Musharna yawned a lot, but I used Murkrow's Insomnia to my advantage while Treecko absorbed its Charge Beams. I think Treecko fell to Sigilyph and Lucario to Reuniclus, but other than that, she wasn't too bad.
    • Marshal was third. I believe I lost Ariados and Murkrow to Stone Edges sometime this battle. But Dewott was able to finish off Conkeldurr with some support.
    • And finally, the dreaded Shauntal. I was shocked I did as well as I did against her. I think Drifblim took out Treecko with Acrobatics and Chandelure took out Cloyster (I forgot it had Energy Ball), but Dewott finished up again.
    • And the Champion, Iris! This was a fun battle, but it felt short. Anyways, it started off with Treecko vs. Hydreigon. Treecko survived a Flamethrower and got off a Rock Tomb to lower its Speed. I switched out for Lucario, who took a Dragon Pulse and retaliated with Close Combat, finishing it off. Close Combat also worked wonders against Lapras and Aggron, but it wasn't quite enough to take out Haxorus. I think Lucario was knocked out with Earthquake. I sent out Murkrow next to set up Tailwind while Haxorus Dragon Danced. Smiling evilly, I clicked on Foul Play, knocking out Haxorus. Druddigon was next, so I immediately switched out for Cloyster, who took the incoming Rock Slide. After some Icicle Spears, a Full Restore on Druddigon, and a dodged Focus Blast, Cloyster fainted to a successful Focus Blast. I think I had Murkrow come in to finish off Druddigon. Her last (I didn't notice it was her last until after this battle, haha) was Archeops. Murkrow got off a Tailwind before she was buried with Rock Slide. But with Tailwind, Treecko was able to outspeed Archeops and Thunder Punch it, activating Defeatist. But even with the reduced Attack, Acrobatics knocked out Treecko. Dewott came in and ended the battle with Aqua Jet. And with that, we've become the new champions. Poor Ariados didn't get to even participate! D:
    • My play time was 43:50.

    Ehh, this update isn't as detailed as I'd like, but whatever. I'm glad I got to do this challenge twice before it ended! It's gotta be my favorite challenge. ^-^ There's about a week left in this thread, but I hope this isn't the last update. All you people still doing this, enjoy!

    The final team:

    CharacteristicAlert to soundsHighly curiousLikes to thrash aboutQuick to fleeVery finickyImpetuous and silly
    AbilityTorrentInner FocusOvergrowShell ArmorInsomniaSwarm
    ItemMystic WaterScope LensEvioliteShell BellBrightPowderLeftovers
    MovesSurfIron TailGiga DrainIcicle SpearFlyPoison Jab
    Ice BeamClose CombatRock TombRazor ShellHeat WaveX-Scissor
    Aqua JetShadow ClawThunderPunchReturnFoul PlaySucker Punch
    Swords DanceHone ClawsScreechSupersonicTailwindDig

    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)