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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
You just named everything that should be in a hack, without it, it is just a story with trainers.

It surly was not wasted work, CD is a great addition to the Rom Hacking community.
Just because someone doesn't want new graphics doesn't make their hack bad (or mediocre). Besides, the point of his hack is to prove that with a good story any hack can be successful, and he's right. He's put a lot of work into his hackSeriously, you said you don't understand why it's so popular, but to find out you only have to do a few simple steps. There's no guidelines to becoming a great hack, it's completely subjective, and I don't think a game that doesn't have "uber nuw grafix" and "super awesome new sprites" instantly makes it better than one that doesn't (That's not to say it never can, because those types of things do attribute), if it has a crap story and crap characters (or crap gameplay, crap music, or crappy sprites or tiles), I'd rather take my chances with another hack, even if it has no new graphics, sprites, or music.
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