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    Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
    Then redo the beginning, everything should be good quality, the beginning is probably one of the most important aspects.

    Porting G/S/C maps into emerald still takes time and effort, using the same maps that are in the rom you are hacking does not. I would give snakewood more credit if it was at least done on firered with the maps that resemble rubys maps, but are amped up
    Tell me why Snakewood is bad even if you haven't played it? The rocks are around as ruins of the houses. As I've said before, the game takes place in Hoenn, so there's no need to re-invent the wheel. The maps are changed, as there are several rocks in the place of houses, which represents the ruin and rubble. You'll also find corpses in the houses that have not been destroyed, which further marks the destruction. Cutlerine decided to only use the default textures, which means he couldn't have simple "built destroyed houses," as there are none in Ruby itself. Moving on to the fakemon. The zombie Pokemon such as Rotmander and Boilbasaur are palette swaps because there was no need to re-create the sprites. A simple palette swap would have given them an undead look.
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