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Originally Posted by Wings Don't Cry View Post
So Vanguard only recently became available in New Zealand and I just got myself the Kagero trial deck today and am planning to use it on Saturday for a hobby league. I was looking at some of the cards and I don't quite understand the point in Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha's skill. Can I use it the same turn I ride a grade 2 card or are you not allowed to ride it normally? It seems like a completely useless skill as far as I can tell.
Sorry about the delay. There is no point, it sucks and you want to run Gokux4 and Dragonic Overlord x4 Er....

Yes you can ride it the turn you ride a grade 2. Basically the combo in the deck is to ride "Berserk Dragon" to kill a rear-guard during your main phase, then kill something, then ride Yaksha immediately. The issue with the skill is that there aren't actually that many ways to retire cards even in Kagero, and building around it is a bad idea since it's only a Power 9000 Vanguard, making it harder to guard for.