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    Place First Met (In Johto/Orre Which City?):Johto
    Pokemon Team:
    any other fire types you feel like.

    as he runs into silver over and over again his pokemon get stronger and he keeps getting more untill he has 6. Then they continue getting stronger. (i'm not sure if you want pokemon past kanto and johto)

    RPG Sprites:could you make it the cool trainer male sprite.
    Is your Character Against of for what Silver is doing?: i'm just a person trying to become the strongest fire pokemon trainer and just continueslly fight silver because he keeps beating me. So he's basically a sparring partner for Silver.

    -If you are reading this and are about to post a question about a game do everyone a favor and read the thread first to see if your questions been asked already thank you for reading this-

    What am I up to currently?
    Nothing now that I lost the file and don't feel like continuing it