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    Name: Cal

    Story: Cal was born in Agate Village. Has two sisters. Younger one became a professor, older one became a trainer. The older one, Azura, goes on an adventure, without telling Cal. One month later, Cal catches a Bulbasaur in Agate Forest. Leaves to find Azura. Travels to Gateon Port with his Bulbasaur and Sentret (caught on the way to Gateon). Someone tells him that his sister went to Johto, so takes a boat ride there. A tital wave crashes into the boat and Cal falls into the water. He wakes up in Cherrygrove City's shore. Then his Johto adventure begins...

    He's for Silver's cause. Silver bumps into him in Union Cave and they fight. They then become accomplices. Silver sees him in Ilex Forest observing the forest (It reminds him of Agate Village). Then Silver sees him at Olivine City's beach, trying to find a way across without swimming (he's afraid of water after his boat ride). They battle there. If Silver enters Mt. Mortar, they can battle. Later, in Victory Road, Silver and Cal fight before the league. After Cal loses, he says "I'm not gonna enter the league. I have more important matters to attend. If you're ever in Agate Village, come find me." If Silver sees him there, Cal tells him about Citadark Isle. Then he goes missing, and is found by Silver in Citadark Isle. Can be seen training there afterwards.

    Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur - Agate Forest - his fist Pokémon, playful when young
    Sentret/Furret - Between Agate and Gateon - his Pokémon he walks around with out, very energetic
    Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot - Route 30 - Uses to fly from place to place.
    Houndour/Houndoom - Gift from Azura - Rides on top of because he can't afford a bicycle.
    Nidoran/Nidorino/Nidoking - Route 35 - His powerhouse of his team. He uses it to surf.
    Duskull/Dusclops/Dusknoir* - Gift from Morty for giving information - His last resort, likes to use on tough trainers.
    *In case you decide on some 4th generation Pokémon.

    Fight Locations*:
    Union Cave (Ivysaur, Furret, Pidgeotto)
    Olivine Shore (Ivysaur, Furret, Pidgeotto, Houndoom, Nidorino)
    Mt. Mortar (Venusaur, Furret, Pidgeotto, Houndoom, Nidorino, Duskull)
    Victory Road (Venusaur, Furret, Houndoom, Nidoking, Dusclops, Pidgeot)
    Citadark Isle (Venusaur, Furret, Houndoom, Nidoking, Dusknoir, Pidgeot)
    *Listed in case the story was a little unclear. Plus, it shows his team during that battle.

    He has brown hair, and blue eyes. Wears jeans, a black shirt and a red jacket. (Not seen, but he has a necklace with a picture of him with his Bulbasaur.) He has a scar on his chest from the boat incident.