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    Originally Posted by Vehks View Post
    Yeah, it's going to be a 3DS title. Gamefreak has delayed this enough, B2/W2 SHOULD have been on the 3DS and The 3ds has almost been out for 2 years now.

    It's time for them to stop dragging their feet.

    I highly doubt that is true. People get really attached to their Pokémon ( I know I am to mine) there is no way Gamefreak would leave out a way to transfer DS pokemon to the 3DS.
    If it is true. Its a simple fix.
    The dream world maintenance that took place with bw2s release was setting up for new gen transfer.
    Placing them in with ds. Remove them with 3ds. Boom
    Sounds a little exhausting but really if you can do up to 6 or so at a time its actually more convenient than trading

    Oops didnt read emralds comment.
    Well the way its looking. Im going to game stop this weekend
    To get a 3ds...
    Might as well prepare ahead
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