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Player Names in Firered

At 0x46308C, there is a table which lists all the generated player names for when you leave the name entry screen blank. There are 19 entries for each gender, and the table is simply made up of pointers to strings for each possible name.

Offset	Name	Gender
46308C	RED	(Male)
463090	FIRE	(Male)
463094	ASH	(Male)
463098	KENE	(Male)
46309C	GEKI	(Male)
4630A0	JAK	(Male)
4630A4	JANNE	(Male)
4630A8	JONN	(Male)
4630AC	KAMON	(Male)
4630B0	KARL	(Male)
4630B4	TAYLOR	(Male)
4630B8	OSCAR	(Male)
4630BC	HIRO	(Male)
4630C0	MAX	(Male)
4630C4	JON	(Male)
4630C8	RALPH	(Male)
4630CC	KAY	(Male)
4630D0	TOSH	(Male)
4630D4	ROAK	(Male)
4630D8	RED	(Female)
4630DC	FIRE	(Female)
4630E0	OMI	(Female)
4630E4	JODI	(Female)
4630E8	AMANDA	(Female)
4630EC	HILLARY (Female)
4630F0	MAKEY	(Female)
4630F4	MICHI	(Female)
4630F8	PAULA	(Female)
4630FC	JUNE	(Female)
463100	CASSIE	(Female)
463104	REY	(Female)
463108	SEDA	(Female)
46310C	KIKO 	(Female)
463110	MINA 	(Female)
463114	NORIE 	(Female)
463118	SAI 	(Female)
46311C	MIMI 	(Female)
463120	SUYI 	(Female)
463124	GREEN 	(Rival)
463128	GARY 	(Rival)
46312C	KAZ 	(Rival)
463130	TORU 	(Rival)

The name strings are all located at 0x1C574F if you wish to edit them without repointing. Note that there is also a string for LEAF which is not used in Firered.
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