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A FIRERED hack by ~cpuDuDe08~ and Cybermew X.


You Live in Banana Town, a town north on the Major port of Kantno, your reigon, and in Banana Town, at the age of 13, you leave to become a trainer.

Today is your 13th birthday, HOWEVER, Route 1 had a major landslide, meaning you couldn't leave north, and Banana Town law states, if Route 1 is Impassable, you must go soulth and take a boat to cherry pass, heading soulth, you see a Old man behind a pokecenter, Curiously, you approch him, and thats when your adventure begins...


  • New Maps.
  • New Story.
  • All major events redone.
  • (Hopefully) New Music
  • -=More to come=-


Key: Done Almost Done Started ...Not Started

-> Come up with story
-> Enforce Story in game
-> Add more Places/Routes (Goal for A1: 3Cities total)
-> Bugfix
-> Clean Maps/Scripts, and Prepare for release.
---> ALPHA 1 <---

Screenshots & Videos




Boat Script: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQOycoMyja0


~cpuDuDe08~ Founder of Jet, Major Scripts, Minor Mapping
Cybermew X: Founder of Lightning, Minor Scripts, Major Mapping, Clean-Up Mapping, etc.
.:Feel Free to Ask to Join:.
Cybermew X is handling staff, so PM him if you'd like to join.

Release Center

Alpha 1 SOON~


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