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Still in... Rustboro City!

In one of the less busier streets of Rustboro City, there was a street performer, a fire breather, spewing bright and brilliant flames from his mouth! He wore a brilliant ensemble of red and yellow. Fiery designs for his pants, bright red shoes, and an equally fiery button-up shirt he wore completely open. He wore red sunglasses, and had bright blonde hair that peaked like rising flames. Accompanying his act was a Koffing, that spewed gases that formed into Aces, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds. His Koffing was really into the performance, danced around the fire breather.

However, only a couple of people here and there paid notice. Some stuck around, but the fire breather was already getting frustrated. Unlike his Koffing, this performer wasn't feeling the way a good performance should feel.

"Alright, and now, for you few onlookers... here's a bright light for you!" The fire breather spewed fire at each symbol, the shapes now forming into brilliant flames, before creating a small explosion. They small audience cheered and clapped, with slight awe.

"Well, folks, this is all for Arnie, the Fire Breather! Thank ya'll for coming." The audience dispersed quickly, and Arnie slumped off to the local diner after returning his Koffing. "Man... what a lame performance. This is not what I should be reduced to...." He swung the glass door open, and took a seat at one of the empty tables.

A young waiter came up to his table, and greeted him with, "Hey Arnie, back again, huh? How'd the performance go?" "Habanero burger, well done. Fries. Usual drink." The waiter scoffed, but took his order and left him be. Arnie held his head in a hand, as he looked out the window. He grew to hate being around the civilians, but had no other means of working. At least the kind of work he'd be willing to do without pulling his hair out.

"A cop? Already been in enough trouble with the law...."

"A shopkeep? Yeah, like I need another reason to give up...."

Out of the corner of his eye... he saw a Magby on the shoulder of some kid. Arny blinked, took off his shades and rubbed his beady eyes. "Wha-What kid is given a Magby? What the...." Arnie slipped his sunglasses back on, and pulled his eyes away. He heard the door open, and heard the kid ask for a seat. The trainer was seated in a lone booth, just a few down from where Arnie was sitting.


An idea began to swirl in Arnie's head. He watched the kid, and how he interacted with his Magby.


Mauve sat comfortably in the booth. Something felt so satisfying in a booth seat, next to an open window, where sun shined down ever so warmly. His Magby sat next to him, and closed his eyes, taking in the warmth of the day. Mauve chuckled, thinking that his Magby was kinda cute.

"Alright, watcha ordering with us today? We've got some pretty good burgers here. We even serve for each and every type of Pokemon, provided they can sit comfortably inside." The waiter chuckled, taking notice of the deeply content Magby. "Eheh, thanks," replied Mauve. "I'll have an order for your recommended Fire-type diet, and I'll have the... habanero burger, with fries, and the Pika-cola... Pika-cola?" Mauve turned, and tried to hold in a laugh.

"We get that reaction a lot. Still... pbbfft, that was funny." Mauve and the waiter laughed out loud, a little too loud. "Y-yeah, I'll just have that." "No problem. Should be several minutes." The waiter took his order happily, and walked away.

He relaxed, and patted the bumpy head of his companion. "You're a sleepy kinda Pokemon, aren't ya? Been busy with the professor before meeting me?" But, Magby didn't reply.

Moments pass. Mauve, staring out the window. His Magby, resting his little eyes, and Arnie, staring at the trainer and Pokemon. Thinking, and pondering.

"I think I know what I gotta do. Goodbye, street performing...." Arnie got up from his booth, and walked down casually to Mauve's table. Mauve could hear footsteps coming towards him. Turning over, he saw the flamboyantly dressed individual, and said, "O-oh, hey. Can I help you?"

"You, help me? Nah, kiddo, I wanna help you. Name's Arnie Borvo, Fire Breather extraordinaire 'round these parts. I gotta say, you got quite a healthy lookin' Magby. Where'd you get the little guy?"

Mauve felt a little confused, but decided to meet his friendliness. "Well, I got him from Professor Cypress. I'm a new trainer." Arnie sat across from him, nodding his head. "Ahh, I see... sorry, you don't mind, do ya? I'll pay for your bill." Mauve blinked, and tried to refuse, but the waiter came with both plates. "Arnie, I see you're being friendly! This here is Arnie, local performer and pretty good guy. I'm sure he's got a lotta wisdom to pass onto you."

He sat both plates down, and was about to leave, until Arnie made him stop. "'Hey, this kiddo's tab is on me." The waiter turned, surprised. "You sure, Arnie?" He nodded, the waiter understood, and walked off. Mauve still sat there, flabbergasted. "Uh... thanks, man." Arnie shook his head, and gestured him to eat.

"You got good taste, kid. That's my favorite burger. I'd never leave Rustboro City for this." Arnie chomped down, the spicy peppers bothering him not one little bit. Mauve followed his lead, but not before preparing a bowl of food for his Magby.

*Cling, cling, cling*

The sound of Pokemon food hitting the bowl forced Magby awake, causing it to pause, looking at the strange man now sitting across from him and his trainer. "Don't worry, Magby. This guy is nice enough to pay our way for lunch today. I'll definitely pay y-" "Say no more, you got nothing to pay me."

The three ate in an accompanied silence. Mauve, however, had a bit of struggle with the spiciness of the burger. "Heheh. Hey kid, know how to choose your heat," said Arnie with a cheeky grin.

"Heheh... anyway... what made you wanna do this, Arnie?" Mauve asked him, still a tad wary of him.

Arnie wiped his mouth with a napkin, and crossed his arms. "Kid, I've been around for quite some time... I've seen a lot of trainers come and go, much like you. But, after I've been livin' here, in this nice city for so long... I was thinking it would be time to coach a new generation of trainers... and here you are."

Mauve blinked, feeling a newfound respect, but even deeper confusion. "You... wanna coach me?" "Yeah, I do," Arnie replied sternly. The waiter came by and brought the tab. Arnie wrote down the total and a tip, and slipped the check at the edge of the table. "I know this is a bit odd, but I wanna offer my experience and wisdom onto you. It may help with your adventure, and with your professor."

"Well...." Mauve thought, thinking that as long as he kept his distance, he'd be okay. "Sure. I'd be alright with it." The two shook hands on it. Magby still staring at Arnie. "Well, in that case, I need to take care of somethings. But, we'll see each other again." Arnie got up, and waved at Mauve before walking out the glass door, and walked out into the streets, disappearing into the crowd.

"Strange... what a friendly guy. I guess it could've been worse. Right Magby?" It nodded, and began to chow down, now that Arnie was gone. "Say, you found yourself a pretty interesting coach." The waiter walked up to his table. "Really? What gave it away?"

"Heheh... he's a funny guy, but he means what he says. He knows quite a bit about Fire-types. Truth is, he just kinda popped into Rustboro City a few years ago. After a habanero burger, the guy just kinda stayed. Or, maybe it was something else... anyway, good luck on your journey! And don't worrry about the Pokemon food either. Arnie covered you."

"Well... that was an interesting encounter. Arnie Borvo... what a strange dude."

He and Magby finished their meals, and thanked the waiter for his service, and tipped him as well. Crawling back onto his shoulder, Magby clung to him, looking around with curious eyes. "Alright Magby, it looks like we're headed off. New adventures, and new experiences... let's start it up!"