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Posted July 27th, 2019
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Hey, I'm using PE v16, and I pasted the script you provided at the top of PField_Encounters, and defined the terrain tags in PBTerrain as
RockClimb = 17
RockCrest = 18

However, I'm getting this error on attempting to playtest:

"Script 'PField_Encounters' line 3: NameError occurred.
uninitialized constant PBTerrain::ROCKCLIMB_TERRAINTAG

Do I need to define the terrain tags further in some way?
Thanks for the help and the awesome resource.
Hmm, maybe it doesn't like me using constants to assign the tags?

Try changing:
module PBTerrain
module PBTerrain
  RockClimb = 17
  RockCrest = 18
...and see if that fixes it.