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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
What kind of bass do you play? And how long have you been playing the bass? Bass' do have a nice low pounding sound.
Naww well if you can still play the Flute even a little it still counts!
No probs! Its just that in the future I want to try and maybe get some full band covers going when we get some drummers, etc. xD

Haha my granddad was really really good with a harmonica so I was always like thats the BEST THING EVER but could never play it good :(
An electric, four-stringed one. :3 Um, I bought it less than two years ago, but the total time I've played with it doesn't even add up to a year 'cause I kinda get lazy and stuff, plus the songs I want to cover are usually fast-paced, which is hard for me. xD
All right. :)
I also actually dream of being in a band, yet it's kinda... scary? Haha. Anyway, I hope you achieve that. :)

Really? Have you had lessons with him?