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Originally Posted by Renyui! View Post
Weeeelll, I'm not sure if I really have an example, since I was trying to be unique, haha. And thank you! I started on Bass Clarinet when i was like 9, and slowly picked up stuff along the way, and music contributed to my final school marks, so yeah, people don't realize how good it is.

I guess for one of the things I meant was to like, choose some pop song, break it down into all it's separate parts and rearrange them for other instruments. I guess it could even be like a Pokemon theme, considering the forum?
Oh thats pretty cool that you did it in school! I had a friend who did music for his finals and it was like the only thing he did well in. What instrument is your strongest??

Oh I understand now, like transcribe a pop song to the different instruments that the club members play and then sync it all up and edit it together as a kind of unique take on the song?