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I'm just saying, but I constantly see things happening in CBC all the time, and I get interested, and then I remember how people who go onto PO are constantly trying to be "edgy" and making everything sexual and being rude and in general having the attitude of 13 year old boys. When I wanted to learn how to battle I went onto the Smogon server and practiced there because I didn't really want to be around that kind of crowd, and then ended up quitting rather than deal with it. So when you decide to strengthen the community you do have instead of changing things drastically, keep in mind that you are actively walling out people who are willing to play and learn and battle, but can't stand the "if you don't want to act like an uncontrollable teenager we think you're useless and don't belong here" attitude that CBC has always had to me. There are a few that are an exception to the rule, but most of the people I see/hear about seem to have this attitude where if you don't match their personalities then you shouldn't be a member of the section pretty much.

Anyway Nica asked me to post as a non-regular who could be turned into a regular, from the point of view of an outsider and how CBC looks to me. Disagree with me if you want, but if you can only see how it's not that way after you become a regular it would be kind of difficult to get new regulars, and then apparently the ones you have keep getting bored and quitting? So yeah that's a thing.

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