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I'd quote the others buuut already discussed on IRC/PO and the fact that I consider tj old now :3

Originally Posted by DispenserJustice View Post
My first experience with the community was through the server and I always try to base my attitude for the community I joined based on my first couple of impressions based on the community and I found an astronomical difference between the forums and the server.

On the server, my attitude is raunchy like the rest of them and it will probably continue to be that way unless something is done as that's my way of fitting in with them, but on the forum, my first couple of impressions made me feel like these are two entirely different communities. My attitude on here is a lot different then it was on the server my first night.

But that's one of *my* personal traits. If you don't change your attitude based on your enviroment, you will be repelled from the server or be bored of the forum and go into your respective corner of the community. It would probably be important to fix this fracture if you want to make things more breathable.
:( Yeah that's definitely not a good thing for someone so new to both PC and the community here. I'd definitely like to see that improved where you don't have to act that way to fit in (I try to be welcoming I guess to people as a warning literally to stay away from that stuff as it commonly happens?) and for everyone to be more accepting rather than like "oh yeah you're just a new person, carrying on with insults @ regs". But yeah, I do actually agree that they are two different places. On the forum here everyone is like 10x more formal, but when let loose on the server? Yeah totally different. Idk just some balance would be great, maybe enforce more that it is the forum's official server (then again that probably won't make much of a difference) rather than just a place to hang out and say whatever without any consequence. Considering it serves as the current primary place for idk, keeping people at CBC, that really isn't good.

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