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    :( Yeah that's definitely not a good thing for someone so new to both PC and the community here. I'd definitely like to see that improved where you don't have to act that way to fit in
    It's honestly no problem to me how I'm supposed to act to fit into a community. I join forums so I can meet people that share the same interests as me, such as Pokemon, and I can easily enjoy the company of a wide variety of people because I'm so used to a vast assortment of friends that I've met and currently have.

    The question here is, do we want to threaten these regulars that have given a large amount of time and energy into the community but are threatening the newcomers (albeit unintentionally)? I mean, I'm new here so I really don't know how great of members these people are, but if their continued rudeness is threatening the expansion of the server then maybe actions should be taken so that the regulars on the forum don't need to feel afraid of going onto the server and being met with a cascade of sexual jokes that they find inappropriate.