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    Ultimate Fire Monotype Challenge
    Game: Y
    Badges: 2

    After rejecting Charmander at the professor's lab in Lumiose City, I went on to more quiet surroundings - the big city never really did it for me, anyway. Much to my dismay, though, Camphrier Town was super boring, so I left there and went to the Parfum Palace with that little girl who doesn't shut up. We chased a Furfrou around a garden, until its owner showed up and thanked us for catching Pokémon for him. He then put up a display of fireworks for me and the girl, and the girl got all giddy and weird. 2/10, would not watch fireworks with again.
    Anyway, I got someone to trade me a level 1 Houndour from their X version, as Houndour is exclusive to Pokémon X. But not before I made it all the way to Ambrette Town and went looking for fossils in Glittering Cave. After grinding Houndour up a bit, it evolved! And then I moved on to Cyllage City, where before challenging the Gym Leader, I went ahead and caught myself an Eevee, evolved it straight away with a Fire Stone I found somewhere outside Glittering Cave, trained it up a bit and headed for the Gym.

    The Gym itself was tough, as I don't have a lot of coverage yet. And I'm not sure I'll have great coverage against Rock-types, even by the end of this challenge. We did make it to the Gym Leader, though, where Flareon and Braixen saved my ass and won us that badge.

    Here's my team so far:

    Braixen, lv. 26
    Male // Timid // Blaze
    - Scratch
    - Psybeam
    - Ember
    - Howl

    Fletchinder, lv. 25
    Male // Adamant // Flame Body
    - Return
    - Swords Dance
    - Roost
    - Peck

    Litleo, lv. 25
    Female // Modest // Unnerve
    - Headbutt
    - Noble Roar
    - Ember
    - Work Up

    Houndoom, lv. 26
    Female // Modest // Early Bird
    - Bite
    - Ember
    - Roar
    - Smog

    Flareon, lv. 25
    Male // Careful // Flash Fire
    - Fire Fang
    - Quick Attack
    - Bite
    - Refresh