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Ultimate Bug Monotype Challenge: Silberne Edition

Beat both Chuck and Jasmine. Chuck was easy, Jasmine considerably more difficult than I have ever had against her. I did manage to save the fight though. Gonna take a break from this one. Want to finish up my White Version 2 ASAP.


#123 Scyther
Level 27 - Nature: Rash - Ability: Technician
IVs: 31/16/31/22/12/13
-Wing Attack
-Rock Smash

#204 Pineco
Level 27 - Nature: Modest - Ability: Sturdy
IVs: 1/20/10/18/5/22
-Bug Bite
-Take Down

#168 Ariados
Level 27 - Nature: Serious - Ability: Insomnia
IVs: 16/19/0/23/6/11
-Night Shade
-Shadow Sneak
-Fury Swipes
-Leech Life

#193 Yanma
Level 27 - Nature: Relaxed - Ability: Speed Boost
IVs: 3/31/23/28/18/13
-Shadow Ball
-Quick Attack
-Double Team

#166 Ledian
Level 27 - Nature: Mild - Ability: Swarm
IVs: 17/20/4/16/24/4
-Mach Punch
-Comet Punch
-Light Screen

#214 Heracross
Level 28 - Nature: Adamant - Ability: Guts
IVs: 22/28/31/24/29/27
-Brick Break
-Aerial Ace
-Night Slash
-Shadow Claw

Speaking of which...

Ultimate Steel Monotype Challenge: White Version 2

Defeated Skyla, and evolved some of my team. Too tired to think of more.


#589 Joan (Escavalier)
Level 42 - Nature: Bashful - Ability: Swarm
IVs: 5/11/14/17/24/0
-Fury Cutter
-Iron Head

#530 Yoko (Excadrill)
Level 42 - Nature: Jolly - Ability: Sand Force
IVs: 10/19/29/6/31/19
-Shadow Claw
-Rock Slide
-Metal Claw

#375 Steven (Metang)
Level 42 - Nature: Careful - Ability: Clear Body
IVs: 29/7/1/15/21/31
-Bullet Punch
-Zen Headbutt
-Iron Head
-Iron Defense

#448 Roland (Lucario)
Level 41 - Nature: Serious - Ability: Steadfast
IVs: 23/1/20/19/14/18
-Force Palm
-Shadow Ball
-Swords Dance
-Bone Rush

#462 GLaDOS (Magnezone)
Level 41 - Nature: Modest - Ability: Magnet Pull
IVs: 3/24/9/15/28/3
-Thunder Wave
-Flash Cannon

#600 Cogg (Klang)
Level 42 - Nature: Brave - Ability: Minus
IVs: 30/13/30/7/20/1
-Mirror Shot
-Gear Grind
-Charge Beam