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~Shiny & Tough~ (Steel-Type Fan Club)


#379: Registeel

Hello, welcome to the *Shiny & Tough~ (Steel-Type Fan Club)*. I'm MidnightShine, owner of this club & you're invited to join this club ^^! So, what are you waiting for? Join now ^^!!!

1) All global PC rules & Pokemon Club rules apply.
2) No spamming nor trolling, uncool.
3) Please choose two Pokemon when joining.
4) Please answer the current topic below this post when joining.
5) Please do not edit the sign-up form.
6) Please try your best to stay active once you've joined.
7) Do not change topics unless it has been used for 2 days.
8) Gonna be absent? Please state your absence here so that your spot may be reserved.
9) Have fun!

'*' signs mean that field is required.

Partner Pokemon:*
Answer to current topic:*

1) ~MidnightShine (Owner)
2) ~AlexOzzyCake
3) ~Rainbow Arcanine
4) ~xxReshiramxx
5) ~ShinyUmbreon189
6) ~Avishka

7) ~Hikari10
8) ~Aryan143
9) *~u Shivam*
10) ~Mochaccino
11) ~Sector Revenge
12) ~Rambagos
13) ~DoraDAZ3R3D
14) ~Totodilesteel99

Pokemon Available~
33 Pokemon, learn how to get shinies & legendaries at the 'Redemption Center'.

Points System~
*Please regularly calculate your own points so I can keep track.*

Joining= 2P
Active Posting = 2P
Contributing= Varies, Max 10P
Advertising this club= Varies, 3-5P
Winning events & competitions= 10-20P

Redemption Center~

25P= 'Shinymize' one Pokemon.
30P= 'Shinymize' your other Pokemon.
50P= Free Registeel
80P= Free Jirachi
110P= Free Dialga
140P= Free Heatran
170P= Free Arceus
200= Free Cobalion
230= Free Genesect
250P= Ability to co-host/create events in this club.

By Aryan143 (Thanks ^^)


By AlexOzzyCake (Much appreciated ^^)


By u Shivam (Awesome creations ^^)


By Hikari10 (Nice work ^^)


Current topic~
Which do you prioritize with your Steel type(s), Attack or Defense?