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Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
I have a weird taste in designs honestly :P. Yeah, I have to admit Ozzy, Skarmory was a pain to use in the beginning but by the league it was one powerful bird xD. And a steel bird does sound pretty cool tbh :3. It's one of the most defensive birds and it's attack shouldn't be that underestimated.
Hmm, I guess you have a point, but it still seems kinda... idk, like it wants to rip your throat out at first sight but it can't because it's too clunky to move anywhere xD I think it just terrifies me tbh, that's probably why I'm not a fan of it! Also it's defensive nature is a huge pain to fight against in battles >.>

Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
[glow=gold]To the answer for my own topic: Well, that's a tough decision coz I like all Steel types actually but if I really have to pick on, it'll be Escavalier. Like most people say, it has a unique & cool design & it specializes in Attack & I'm a physical attacker so that sums it up.
Oo interesting, I've never seen Escavalier come up as a favourite Pokémon before :o I find it funny how their description says "They fly around at high speed, striking with their pointed spears." and yet it's base Speed is only 20 lmao. But yeah, it is a pretty cool looking Pokémon and it's certainly unique, but do you know how it fares in battle? It's not a Pokémon I've ever had a chance to use so it'd be interesting to find out what it's like if you've tried it :D

Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post

Sorry for the unclearity.
This banner is very cool, but it's too big to fit in a signature D: Would it be possible to reduce the size a bit so it's under 600 by 350px? :D

Originally Posted by υ Shivam View Post
Well i guess i like metagross the most :/
Why do you like Metagross so much? :D If you explain your answers then we can all discuss them! n.n Personally I don't like Metagross at all, it looks so angry and scary... I think it's just unlucky with the way they designed its cross to be attached to its eyes, it's impossible for it to look cute with that paha.

My favourite Steel type? It's a cross between Registeel and Bronzong. I absolutely love them both, but it's really hard to choose between them! I explained my love for Bronzong earlier, but my love for Registeel comes mainly from the Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Pokémon movie, the legendary golems were so cool in that and I loved them so much x] Then seeing Registeel fight against Ash's Torkoal in the Battle Frontier and looking around at Registeel's art, I think it's an incredibly unique and well designed Pokémon. It's not incredibly useful in battle which is where it lets itself down, but it more than makes up for that in interesting strategies. It doesn't have a hugely diverse move pool and it's stats really don't give it much of an option when it comes to changing things up in a battle, but the few strategies that it does possess can be incredibly effective and pretty fulfilling to use :3 It's certainly a Pokémon that you need patience for but when you've worked out how to use it effectively it's a huge beast of a Pokémon with those 150 base defences. I think for favourite I'll have to go with Bronzong though just because it's that little bit cooler :)

Edit: I designed a userbar, hope it's okay! :3 Just ask if anyone wants it re-sized c:


Edit 2: Also made a 500px wide one to fit my sig so I'll post the code here too incase anyone else wants it x]