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    Well, I'm not an advertising fan, which is why I only advertise my Artwork, but I was planning for a new theme anyway, so I'll just put this in the bandwagon.

    Team report:
    Well, we'll need some reporting work first, that is to say, a story. JNathan, begin the story, and I'll take care of the scripting (Probably Nintendork too). Nintendork and I can manage all the other things. May I ask who has the current IPS? And Nintendork, what's the progress in the female protagonist?

    I think I'm getting started on the Fakedex. That hair-raising business is hard. Of course, it would be possible, but hard.
    Here's a new banner:

    I would like to voice this opinion: Why don't we make Starly a starter instead of Pidgey?