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    I have something more original for the storyline. This is in point mode. It's about a leader of a future team.

    Pokemon - Halo Verson

    - You're a 16 - 18 year old trainer at the starting town. Everything seems to be fine in the ____ region, a new, developing world (that started development only 5 years ago) that's full of opportunities. As you get out of your house, a familiar face walks towards you - your childhood (and still apparently) bully in town that ALWAYS likes to make your life miserable.

    - This rival bully says that he's got a new Pokemon (one of the starters. You don't know yet as you haven't picked one - he'll be the counter against yours), and he wants to battle you. You don't have one, though, so you think that it's going to be hopeless. Just in time, Professor Nixon (the professor in this region) runs between them and stops the fight temporarily. He tells you to get into his lab, which is in a corner of the town after walking through a straight path of trees.

    - You go in after leaving the bully behind (as he doesn't want to get into trouble with the professor here). The professor tells you something like this.

    "I know you've been through a lot of pain, [player]. I've been watching. Having a childhood with terrible memories has always been harsh, and you deserve more after suffering for so long. Now that your 'friend' there has a Pokemon, I think it's about time for you to stand up for yourself."

    - You choose one of the starters.

    - He tells you that this region has just started development, so a lot of cities are still rather small. This is a good time for you to man up and write down your name into the Hall of Fame. After receiving it, of course, the bully is waiting outside the lab and challenges you. You win. He snorts and rushes away. After getting basic equipment from your DAD (and yes, not mom in this game. Finally.) which comes by, you set for the town.

    (note that this is the main storyline and not side events and small stuff that happens between it)

    - During your journey, though despite being decent with your starter and all, there's a lot of mean people against you throughout the way, pushing you and threatening you (and even blocking the road until you give him cash or other items). You start feeling angry (shown by the Rival Bully's reply which says 'Oh? You seem angry. Are you going to do something about it?') and eventually furious about this, but you carry on, waiting for the right timing.

    - The 4th gym is located at the third largest city of the region, and after beating the gym, you decide to get rid of maltreatment and create a good society with acceptance and love. You talk to the gym leader, demanding control over the city. He refuses even after being defeated. Some allies you've gained before reaching this city arrive, willing to back you up with their pokemon. You tell him that you want to create a new society that would gather all the elites together, a new place where the best of the best can thrive in peace. However, it's also an excuse for you to rule the city, an effect of the budding evil inside you. With no choice but to surrender, the gym leader gives in, and the game fades out.

    - When it fades in, the city's original people have gone, and your allies, now dressed in a uniform-like outfit are scattered around the city. You have created Team Halo (name to be decided really), and you are the leader of twenty plus trainers with budding potential. (you also have your own cool clothing xD) Now, you have to go back to the previous gyms for rematches (with slightly stronger pokemon), taking charge of their city and trying to persuade them to join you. Two would join, two would flee to the almost-finished pokemon league in search for help. When you go back to the 1st gym and beat him, you see your bully again (for the 4th time), but this time, your 'apprentices' grab him and held him tightly in front of you. With the evil growing inside you, you order them to use a Voltorb and electrocute this bully, knocking him into a coma... (he still survives though, but this is unknown as he blacked out).

    - Okay, so basically this would eventually lead him to the unready 8th Gym, and one of the Elite four arrives in attempt to join forces with the leader. With one of your deputies on your side, a double battle commences. Quickly after that, you take the 7h Gym and snatch the badge, no longer determined to create a peaceful area for trainers, but to gain total control of the region.

    - The champion comes and talks, though he doesn't want to battle. He tells him about your mistakes, and tries persuading you to stop with your selfish acts. You can choose here (if program-possible) and it will change the outcome of the game.

    1. You can choose to ignore him and rule the region after being him and more people that's willing to help HIM defeat YOU.

    2. You can stop, and try reversing what you've done.

    - Should you choose one, you will continue to reach the E4 and then a hard Champion battle.

    - If not (the preferred selection), you will have to go back and attempt to disband your own team. However, your deputies do now allow you, and you cannot defeat all four of them when they're surrounding you at the same time. Angrily, you leave, but you promise that you'll do what's right to bring the region back to its former peaceful state.

    - You start going against your own team, infiltrating multiple hidden bases and reaching the final HQ, where you fight the strengthened deputies yourself (IN A ROW). When you win, you officially disband your team and 'win the game'. You can choose to continue towards the pokemon league for the champion or end there.

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