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Since Fenne-kun is not online, i'd like to submit this story. It's basically the same but i modified it to make Lugia/Darkrai the stars and to have relations to Blue Aura. There it is!

The game takes part in theSilk Region and the hero is 15. Your mother was a gym leader when she wasyounger and your dad is the current gym leader of Cresselia City. You wake upin Raldun Town. Today your new neighbors are moving in. They are 4:

-Prof Larry: he was sent byProf Oak to study the strange Pokémon phenomenon.

-Sonya: Prof Larry’s 16 yearsold daughter. She wants to be stronger than her brother. He is your 2ndmain rival.

-Kevin: Prof Larry’s 20 yearsold son. He won against Kanto and Hoenn’s Elite 4. He is preparing to take onSilk’s Elite 5.

- Prof Larry’s wife.

To your surprise, your dadcame to greet them and to see you. While in your way to greet them, youoverheard a conversation they were having with your dad/mother about somestrange Pokémon phenomenon. As we all know, the world was created by Arceus.Before creating Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, he gave birth to the 2 pokémonsthat would maintain the balance of good and evil. These were Lugia, lord ofpurity and Darkrai, master of evil. You learn that, somehow, the leader of TeamRocket(or another team) caught Darkrai and used him to wake the evil part inthe pokémons to toughen them up. This way, they would gain control over theworld easily. Darkrai and Lugia were originally sealed by the “Blue Aura”. AsDarkrai was released, so was Lugia. Only Lugia and Darkrai know where the BlueAura is hidden. Silk’s Elite 5 went after Lugia to know where the Blue Aura isand to seal them both. You learn that your dad and Kevin are going to helpthem. You enter the house and tell them that you want a pokémon to help themtoo. Your dad is proud of you and lets you choose between the 3 pokémons hecaught recently. Your mom gives you 5 pokéballs and Prof Larry tells you torecord data about the pokémons with a Pokédex that he gives you. Then Sonyarushes in and says that she is going too. She picks a pokémon and decides tochallenge you. After you won, your parents think they made the best choice andentrust you on your journey.

Any thoughts on this? It's not final.
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