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1.) I'd agree with that. Let's say that before your battle your Pokemon's levels were 10, so just add on the bonus from defeating Falkner to each of those Pokemon. And just to clarify, each Pokemon who defeated one of the gym leader's pokemon gains those levels. If they made an appearance in the battle but didn't deal the final defeating blow, they can have the loss level gain (hope that makes sense..?)

2.) By giving it a sufficient background reason/story as you just did with that Bellsprout example, that's more than fine, there are more than two ways to learn a move after all :)

3.) I would say let's go by game prices, just to avoid any confusion. If people don't know in-game prices very well, I'm sure they'd be on Bulbapedia or Serebii for reference before you post.

And thanks for asking questions!! It's the only way to get this fully understood and operational.

On a side note, do you like this new system..? Do you think it will be easy enough to RP with?
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