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Original Rom: Ruby

Beta 0.9

BETA 1.0

-Brendan/May front trainer sprites updated
-Wally Sprite Updated
-Steven Sprite Updated
-You can ride Latias once you get to Team Rocket's Base
-You can see all 3 Legendary Dogs (Trainers have them. Not catch-able)
-After you beat Ein, you'll be put on a secluded map. Save frequently, and have multiple saves cause you'll be trapped on Route 801 forever.

Download 1:
Download 2:

Beta 1.1:

Banners thanks to Mavy42

(code on page 3)

(code on page 4)

Meeting Rui:
Pokemon Pink Version Trailer/Teaser:
Meeting Ivan:
Riding Latios & Latias:
Daycare/The Pokemaze/Meeting Ivan(no, the other Ivan ;) :

(Takes place after Pokemon Ruby\Sapphire\Emerald and before Pokemon Colosseum) You are a pokemon trainer who has just beat the Hoenn League Champion. Time goes by, and you decide to become a pokemon ranger. Professor Birch supports you, and moves his research to the Lunah Region, the region where your Pokemon Ranger work will be done.

WARNING: The Plot is "under construction". Ex: The Gym Leader with level 100's has been removed :P

Plot: You start the game off on your first mission. You are investigating Uncharted Island (a formally undiscovered island) because it has been raining non-stop lately, and people worry that the island may flood. You come out of a small cave to find that you have left your bag with your pokedex, and your trusty starter pokemon from Hoenn in a puddle. Your Marshtomp [level 39], Combusken [level 41], Sceptile [level 40], and Pikachu [level 43] are fine, however your pokedex appears to have lost all previous data.

You return to the Lunah Region leaving the Uncharted Island rain issue unresolved, only because you couldn't find the slightest lead as to why it is raining. Now that you are back to the Lunah region, you can challenge the 8 Gym Leaders and challenge the Elite 4 as well as complete Ranger missions. But it wont be as easy as it sounds. You find out even completing gyms will be a challenge when you learn the second gym leader is packing level 100 pokemon! There has to be another way...

Of course you'll run into some trouble along the way, and not the same ole' same. Team Snagem has collaborated with and revived Team Rocket. What on earth could they be up to? And when you think it can't get any worse, one of your friends is working with team snagem. But who!?

Screen Shots



Thank you for checking out my thread. It will be a while before this game is complete. I'd rather release a complete game then a bunch of betas, but I may release a beta or 2.

Advance Map - Lu-Ho
PET - The Helmeted Rodent
OverworldEditorRE - HackMew
pksvui - Score_Under
VBA - Forgotten and the VBA team
APE - Hackmew
Irfan View -

Sprites (Slightly tweaked or recolored to fit in some cases)
Mirror B sprite - Nissemann123456789
Mirror B (OW) - Unknown Source
Rui Sprite - Creampuff
Rui (OW) - Unknown Source
Firebreather Sprite - Quilava's Master
2nd gym leader sprite - Yanalucis
"Male" Couple - Pinta77
Wes - unknown source
Wes (OW) - Kagex
Team Snagem Grunt - Unknown Source
Team Snagem Grunt(OW) - Unknown Source
Team Rocket Pink - Pinta77
Support Banner - Mavy42
Pianta Sprite (intro) - Scott
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