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    Guys, I need help with two problems.

    First: I created a new map, 1.123. I connected it with the existing map 1.113 (both are inside the folder "ICEFALL CAVE"). Done correctly, the 1.123 with 1.113 and 1.113 with 1.123. Went to test in VBA. When I move the map 1.113 to 1.123, the character goes through normally. However, when I went over 1.123 for 1.113, he did not return. It is as if the map were not connected. Tried to turn the maps by Advance 1.92 and 1.95 Map and none worked. How to solve this problem?

    Second: This second map that I created, the character does not run. Just walk or use the bike. But if I press the B button (GBA) the character does not run. How to resolve?

    Thank you!