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Aerous Oxus, “The Star”.

The afternoon sun's rays beat down on the hammock as it swayed to and fro in time with the crashing waves on the shore. A slight breeze blew on the black suit jacket that was placed across Aerous' face, much to his frustration. Ah, this is pleasant anyway. Oh wonder what this guard wants. Finishing his thought he saw a guard come around the corner of the building that was protecting him from most of the wind. The guard was yelling “AEROUS!” and looked rather worried. Sitting up, than leaning back in the hammock, turning it into a seat he lent his head back and watched the waves come in as the guard stopped in front of him.

“Aerous, there's been a robbery and you're needed to catch some of the thieves.” This doesn't really interest me, I'm sure that there's other family and sword members who could easily do this.
“Also, you can-”
“I can stop them however I want as long as I don't kill them?” Aerous finished the guards sentence, sitting up excitedly. “They don't really let me do this that much do they!”
“Ah.. I guess they usually do restrict you don't they.” The guard replied looking a little bit nervous.
“So where are they?” Aerous asked, tilting his head slightly as he looked at the guard.
“Uh- Marcus said they should be getting to the harbour soon.”
“Well I'm off then! Thank you!” With that Aerous swung forward and leapt from the hammock and began sprinting towards the harbour, leaving the guard in awe.

Sprinting through the streets he passed many people, quickly running past them without taking much notice. Every now and then he'd take a short cut through a back alley in which sometimes he had to jump and run along the walls or jump over fences or crates. Getting closer now, wonder where I'll find them? Wish I didn’t have to run from the other side of the island to get here. Bang. The sound of a bullet rang out, pointing Aerous in the direction in which he should go. Jumping up and pushing off a wall to change direction he began off in the direction of the sound, running past crates.

Seeing a man he didn't recognise with a gun drawn slowly approaching a boat from behind a shipping container in his mind's eye he quickly began slowing down, quieting his footsteps as he turned around the shipping containers edge to see the man's back. Now walking up to the man he tapped him on the shoulder to which an eek was let out. Aerous was smiling as the man spun around pointing his gun at Aerous smiling face. “DIE BASTARD!” The man screamed pulling the trigger at point blank range. Aerous dodged the bullet with ease, as he had already began moving before the man had a chance to pull the trigger, moving in close.
“Let's have some fun yes?” Aerous said bringing his hand up and flicking the man in the middle of the forehead, sending him stumbling back before the man had a chance to react.
“You're one of the thieves aren't you?” Aerous said, again closing the ground between the two in a second as the thief tried to regain himself.

Pulling out a knife the thief slashed upwards at Aerous' head, again it was easily dodged as Aerous dropped down and flicked the man on the side of the knee. Jumping back after flicking the thief's knee a groan of pain followed. “Don't worry, only hit a pressure point, didn't break anything...” The thief was now down on one knee clutching his knee with his hand that had the knife and now pointing the gun at Aerous again. “.. Yet.” Aerous finished his sentence as the thief began unloading his gun as fast as possible. Dancing to dodge the bullet shots Aerous slowly got closer to the gunman, standing over him as the clip became empty. “You're out of bullets now, you won't be able to use your gun anymore will you?” Aerous taunted as he clapped his hands over the man's hand that was holding the gun, with extreme force. A loud crack, followed by a blood curdling scream of pain.
Foreseeing the man, now blinded by pain swing the knife at him haphazardly, he preemptively stepped to the side to dodge the attack. Aerous watched as the man looked shocked at how easily his attack was dodge, the pain clear in the man's now bloodshot eyes. With a flick under elbow the man's arm dropped violently, gravity now taking control of it. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?” The thief screamed in pain trying to push himself away from Aerous with his shattered hand and good leg.
“Well, I shattered your right hand and shut down your left leg and left arm.” Aerous replied grabbing the man’s arm. In one smooth movement he pulled the man in close and embedded his right fist into the man's stomach, hitting his whole body into the air. When the man's torso got to Aerous eye level he let jumped up and kicked wholeheartedly, feeling the man's ribs crack along his leg. The kick sent the man crashing through a group of stacked crates and pallets, landing in front of the boat that he was originally approaching.

Walking over to the now knocked out thief, Aerous looked up onto the boat to see guards rushing around and a familiar face restraining another thief. I know that body and hair style! “Hello Miss Oda!” Aerous yelled in greeting to the female who was now handing the handcuffed thief to a guard, and began waving to her smiling happily. Leaving the unconscious thief to the guards he made his way closer, still waving.
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