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Final Update

8 Badges + League Champion

I've done it! I've become the Kanto league champion. It was pretty tough for me with this team, but I got through. Lorelei and Bruno were easy because of my Charizard. Agatha was pretty tough, but Persian came in handy with Bite. Lance was easy with Cloyster on my side. Blue was a pain, I didn't have a good team going up against him. But we did it.

The Team

Charizard Level 62
Fire Blast, Fly, Slash, Flamethrower

Butterfree Level 61
Safeguard, Silver Wind, Psybeam, Sleep Powder

Vileplume Level 61
Petal Dance, Mega Drain, Toxic, Aromatherapy

Cloyster Level 61
Protect, Ice Beam, Surf, Spikes

Clefable Level 60
Thunderbolt, Protect, Dig, Shadow Ball

Persian Level 60
Attract, Faint Attack, Bite, Fury Swipes

Overall this challenge was very enjoyable and I had fun using these Pokemon because I never used these ones before besides Charizard and Cloyster :)

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