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    Matrimony the Male Monferno (Gift)
    Lvl 33
    Amulet Coin
    Bashful Nature
    Moves: Scratch, Flame Wheel, Ember, Mach Punch

    Bouquet the Female Roselia (Flower)
    Lvl 33
    Quick Claw
    Lax Nature
    Moves: Giga Drain, Toxic Spikes, Mega Drain, Stun Spore

    Devon the Male Dragonair (Best Friend)
    Lvl 33
    Draco Plate
    Lax Nature
    Moves: Aqua Tail, Thunder Wave, DragonBreath, Dragon Dance

    Cupid the Male Clefable (Pink)
    Lvl 33
    Soothe Bell
    Naive Nature
    Moves: Return, Sing, Metronome, Magical Leaf

    Two things. One is that I grinded hard in Wayward Cave, explaining the drastically high level at only the third gym. Second is that I already won the basic contest. Do I have to go into the next rank, or can I go do the first rank again?

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