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Full name: Ser/Sir Guirmean Bevan
Age: 27
Allegiance: Kingdom of the Forest
Position: Knight
Appearance: Guirmean stands in at 5'11" with a muscular physique brought on from his years of service and training. His light black hair which flows down just below the neckline is usually messy, unkept, and tangled. When washed for formal events, it is washed and swept neatly back away from the face. Facial features include a short beard across his face complete with mustache and a broken nose that slightly left.

As a 'Guardian of the Forest,' the man wears the standard garb of dirt colored tunic with green pants. All this is covered by a green hooded cloak used for camouflage purposes. Guirmean's current set to wear in the forest is weathered and beat up, but for special occasions he will wear a fresher outfit to look dignified.

The armor he wears is lightweight but efficient for its size, consisting of greaves, vambraces, pauldrons, and a chest guard. While the Guardians do offer helms to members stationed at a barracks or defending a fortification, rarely do any of them wear it in the field.

Weaponry primarily consists of two short swords with sharpened pommels that resemble leaves and a long dagger. Heavier weapons have been used on occasion.

History: Born a distant cousin of the Forests current queen, Guirmean's birth to a reputable enough family that made his name mean something, but was not of much importance politically due to his house being under that of the Queen's. Being the son of a nobleman allowed Guirmean the privilege of weapon training at a young age. After coming of age, he followed the footsteps of many young men and became a member of the Kingdom's main military and police force, named the Guardians of the Forest.

Training was a fairly basic routine. The day would be focused on fighting techniques and the use of various weapons and other useful skills for life in the forest. Besides the physical aspect, lessons teaching the Kingdom's universal admiration for diplomatic negotiations and moderating the use of aggression was given to all trainees.

After training, Guirmean's skill with a blade and expert knowledge of the forest's layout gained him notoriety among his peers, though his skill with a bow was unimpressive. The majority of his peacekeeping assignment was centered on subduing criminals and highwaymen who used the tree's natural cover to escape pursuit of search parties of the other kingdoms as well as rob pedestrians who traveled alone.

Humans were not the only threat to the peace, and Guirmean has slain his fair share of aggressive Pokémon terrorizing the denizens of the land. His most memorable encounter was with an angrier than normal Scyther scarred all along its body. The battle was intense, but the larger mantis conceded the battle before a finishing blow could be struck. Feeling the rampage quelled, Guirmean felt no need to end its life. For whatever its reason may have been, the Pokémon began to follow around the guardian. At first it merely watched from a distance, but soon began taking part in battles to assist the green warrior before the two began to bond and become partners.

Over years of service, Guirmean's take on the Kingdom's diplomacy policy corrupted slightly. Constant fighting suggested to the man that evil would always exist to threaten his home as long as those who wield swords do. As a sword wielder, he felt he was a threat to the Kingdom, alongside the others in his profession. Even if the Guardians were evil, he considered them a needed evil to fend off the larger ones. His life wish is to be the sole wielder of this evil to secure the peace of his Kingdom, though he understands how unlikely his ideal is.

Species: Scyther "Dearc"
Appearance: A battle-worn Pokémon with a nearly constant glare, this Scyther has been fighting in battles long before partnering with Guirmean. Nicks riddle his exoskeleton and there are areas where the organic armor had been visibly completely torn off years ago, and newer but much weaker segments have replaced them. To compensate for this, Guirmean saw to the forging of custom armor plating on the lower abdomen in addition to greaves and pauldrons. An engraved helmet had also been crafted, but the Pokémon refuses to wear it.
Estimated level: 45
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