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    Originally Posted by SacredMurathJohn View Post
    How could I delete the badge requirements of HMs like Surf or Fly?
    You have to edit all of the scripts, which can be tough to find.

    Originally Posted by pokefreake View Post
    I'm trying to edit the title screen for my hack (it's much easier than I expected so far) but when I tried to change the pokemon it said the compressed file was too big. I followed A tutorial that I found exactly and I still got the error. My sprite is 80 by 80 if this helps any.

    Never mind I figured it out. New question. Does anyone know how to insert a new color map using gimp? I'm still working on the title and needed to change the colors so I can edit it easier.
    Inserting new color maps in GIMP is not fun, not fun at all. If you just want to edit the colors in the color map, that is much easier. Just go into the windows menu and open the color map window. There you can edit colors.

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