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    GameMaker is better than using an engine in C++. It gives you an easy to use IDE and the company developing it is adding a C++ compiler (to replace the current interpreter) in the next version so it should be as fast as one too. Don't say that the company who are making it are not experts in the programming field because they are. The team that is making it is headed by Sandy Duncan who was head of Xbox in Europe and Mike Daily who created Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings. The company is funded by the Scottish government where the company building resides.

    GameMaker does a good job of teaching basic programming. Its form of abstraction makes it a nice way to learn critical concepts. I learned just about everything I know about programming (memory, critical optimizations which includes using bitwise operators, polymorphism, the process of 3d rendering through matrices and when you use DLLs you extend your knowledge grows even more with things such as threads and packets). You're underestimating how powerful it really is, King Charizard. I learned these concepts faster than I would have if I jumped directly to C++.

    Anyway, I'm not sure of what use this project really is. It seems outdated in terms of graphical style and therefore perhaps even a few features so only a few would really want to use it. Honestly, I think more people would use a Minish Cap styled engine.
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