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    I'm sure you're not programming in C++ at a level that would be considered on par with other software, Mr. Extraordinaire. I'm sure you're not an expert. You would probably make a game using the C++ STL, which is a huge no-no. GameMaker is highly optimized and does things correctly. Though probably not as optimized as Unity, I can probably make something that you make in C++ in a fraction of the time and at better speed and with more flexibility. Don't question what language others choose. There are a lot out there and each have their advantages and disadvantages but GameMaker is no let-me-down. I prefer programming in GameMaker over C++ at most times.
    STL(Standard Template Library) a no no? Really? Love to hear your reasoning behind this statement..The only valid reason is performance but if programmed properly its not an issue... While not perfect the STL is very valuable... Also you cannot make an entire game using the STL. I use C++ and Direct X to develop games. Also your assumption of my skills is wrong and insulting...

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    Since when? so can construct 2

    I've looked at the Gamemaker website they have changed alot added some fancy grahics to their site. but the core features of the engine remain he same, they just raised the prices its still the same and still doesn't change my opinion.. FYI this is no way in hell I would pay $499.00 for GM and wouldnt advise anyone to do so either...

    No. GameMaker produces games at a professional level.
    Name one...

    I offered a suggestion to the OP and your turning this into an argument. I'm not gonna argue you have your opinion I have mine lets leave it at that
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